ASE FOOD SUBSIDARY OF ASELAND GLOBAL COMPANY ASELAND GLOBAL INC Product and Trade the compans commitment to transparenin international transactions ASELAND GLOBAL INC with its head office in ISTANBUL has many production facilities in Kahramanmaraş Izmir Afyon Mersin Moldova Ukraine and Russia For all its employees in these different points of the World it aims to offer a transparent work environment which supports creativity and team spirit facilitates personal development where company goals have been internalized at every level and opinions are freely shared With its broad field of activity and strong infrastructure in the our sector ASELAND GLOBAL INC. offers its employees an unequalled career opportunity in this sector Corporate loyalty and effective team work are among the most characteristic features of the corporate culture. While the individual characteristics the employee have bring in a separate wealth to the corporation personal goals and corporate goals are in harmony. ASELAND GLOBAL INC. is employing candidates with strong human relations who are creative energetic and open to innovations focused on continuous development and productivity who are competitive and believe in the value of team work in the various departments and positions in its organization.